Running a Sales Team is Hard Work. 

Your Commission Software should be Easy.
Incentiv Home Screen
Incentiv Home Screen

Incentiv commission tracking software home screen

Incentiv Commission Statement
Incentiv Commission Statement

Incentiv cloud based commission tracking software shows transaction level reporting

Incentiv Team Statements
Incentiv Team Statements

Incentiv shows analytics for sales team commissions

Incentiv Home Screen
Incentiv Home Screen

Incentiv commission tracking software home screen


Most commission tracking software for small businesses are clunky, hard to manage, and don't save time. We want to change that.

Commission Tracking Software that Works.

Calculate Commissions with Ease

Stop tracking commissions in spreadsheets, wrangling data, and making constant adjustments. With Incentiv's cloud commission software, you can automate the entire commission process and give your reps a digital experience that drives results.

Easy Commissions Calculations
Protect your company with commissions compliance

Hassle-Free Commissions Compliance

Never chase down reps for signatures to plan documents, quota acceptance forms, or commission statements again. Incentiv digitizes all your sales documents, tracks signatures, and alerts delinquent reps so you don't have to.

Be Prepared for Anything with Analytics

You're a business leader, not a data scientist. Incentiv automatically analyzes your sales compensation program and alerts you to anything out of the ordinary so there are no surprises when it's time to pay reps. 

Compensation and Salary Analysis

Automate Commissions. Increase Sales.


Increase Commission Accuracy

Motivate Your Team

Calculate Commissions

Anytime, Anywhere

Promote confidence in your sales team by eliminating errors from manual calculations in excel

Automate Commissions. Increase Sales.

Make sure your sales rewards are paid accurately

Increase Commission Accuracy

Eliminate manual errors from Excel calculations while reducing commissions administration from hours (or days!) to minutes

Motivating teams is a commission best practice

Motivate Your

Sales Team

Real-time commission reports show reps how every deal contributes to their earnings - and motivates them to keep selling

The best commission software is always on and ready for you to use

Calculate Commissions

Anytime, Anywhere

Remote sales team? No problem. Our cloud based commission software is built on Amazon Web Services, so it's on when you are

Commissions. Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Bring Your Commission Plan to Life

Say goodbye to scanning documents for individual signatures. With a single click, Incentiv routes digital signatures that gives reps their marching orders in plain English. No additional work required!

Commission Incentive Plan
Sales Incentive Plan signatures

Track Every Signature. Every Time.

Incentiv automatically tracks signatures for every sales letter and commission statement. Visually see who has signed all their outstanding documents - and who needs a gentle nudge.

Automate Follow-Ups. Save Time.

We know that commissions calculations are only a small part of managing a sales team. That's why we built in one-click rep reminders, so you can stay on top of rep compliance while running your business.

Sales Incentive Plan Best Practices

Commission Analytics that Have Your Back.

Understand Sales Commission Variable Costs

Understand Commission Cost Drivers

Easily see the breakdown of commissions costs by plan, team, and incumbent so you know exactly why commissions cost what they do

Empower Managers to Motivate

Show managers who has overachieved and who needs extra coaching so the entire company crushes quota

Sales Commission Best Practices

Market Insights.

Built Right In.

Incentiv's built-in Plan Analyzer compares your commission program against best practices from $6.5B worth of commissions programs


Our Implementation Timeline




Tell us how your plans work - in plain English. No coding required!


Create logins and manage permissions for users


Upload rep deployment, quota, and achievement data for processing


We run our instances in parallel to existing calculations for accuracy

Transparent Pricing. Aligned Incentives.



At Incentiv, we believe in transparency. That's why there's no complex pricing model, implementation teams, or features hidden behind paywalls. Just a flat rate per month per payee.

Being in the incentive space, we want to align our company objectives with yours - so we do well when you do!