Incentiv Managed Services FAQ


Q: Is Incentiv a tech product or a consulting firm?

A: Technically, we’re both! We combine our background in sales compensation consulting with innovative technology to expertly (and smoothly!) manage our clients’ compensation programs. We provide expert compensation advisors who help you make key decisions about how to structure your compensation program and also manage the day-to-day administration of the program, including plan documents, sales letters, and compensation statement creation. Think of them as your own dedicated sales compensation analyst - at a much lower cost!


Q: Am I buying a product? What does IT need to know about this system?

A: We run all of our own technology, so there are minimal technical requirements. Incentiv delivers all materials directly to the rep’s inbox (with managers cc’d) so the only IT requirement is validating SMTP filters to allow our emails to be delivered to reps.


Q: Okay, this seems interesting. What work do I still need to manage?

A: While we’re pretty confident in our technology, unfortunately we cannot manage your company data for you! In order to process commissions on time, we need to have the following pieces of data:


  • Roster File containing employee information, including target incentive and compensation plan assignments

  • Transaction File that includes all commissionable events - including data tags to effectively assign transactions to reps

  • Account Assignment rules so we can properly configure our compensation system


Our team of Compensation Advisors will work with your team to collect this information to reduce any confusion or errors in the data - keeping your compensation program humming along!


Q: Sounds expensive.

A: It’s not! Our pricing model is designed to scale with you as you grow. We charge a monthly platform fee to cover the configurations we need to update in order to keep your instance running smoothly, then charge an on-top fee per payee per month. We only charge you for the reps we pay, so when you grow, so do we. That’s what I call a partnership!


Q. Are there any limits to the compensation plans you can administer?

A: We have constructed our system to support a range of compensation mechanics, including:

  • Commission Rates

  • Individual Commission Rates

  • Quota Based Bonuses

  • Unit Rate Measures

  • Key Sales Objectives (KSO)/Management By Objectives (MBO)

  • SPIFFs


We can support up to 4 compensation measures per plan, and are constantly updating our technology to add new capabilities to support every compensation structure imaginable!


Q. How do I get started?

A: Simply fill out our contact form and one of our team members will get in touch with you about scheduling an introductory call! We’ll collect your compensation plan information and some key metrics about your sales organization to give you an estimate on the monthly costs. 


Q. What’s the process to get up and running?

Once we collect your key sales information, we build a pilot instance that we run in parallel to ensure our calculations are in sync - and we only charge a small implementation fee if you go live. That way, delivering your first statements with Incentiv is as simple as clicking a single button!


We believe that sales compensation shouldn’t be that hard - if you agree get in touch today!